In its 50 years of stay here in the Philippines, Kawasaki has successfully carved a niche that is grounded in hard-work and a reputation for sterling excellence. These very same qualities defined the early beginnings of Kawasaki starting with the partnership between J.V. Del Rosario and Sakata Shokai, Ltd. when they founded Delsa Industrial Corporation in 1968. In 1974, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI) acquired a stake in the company, which later changed its name to Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation. KHI again cemented its presence in the Philippines when it took controlling stock of the company in 1996.

Kawasaki produces some 18,000 motorcycle units every month in its 29,383 square meters plant in Bo. Cupang, Muntinlupa. Besides motorcycles, the plant also manufactures and exports components and power products as well as offer spare parts service and repair. Along with its regional offices in Cebu and Davao, the Kawasaki network services over 2000 stores and dealers nationwide. When it started, Kawasaki built its reputation as the number one brand for heavy-duty tricycles in the Philippines. The product remains Kawasaki´s top seller. Lately, Kawasaki is also making concerted effort to woe the young and upwardly mobile market through its Dominate campaign that equates motorcycles with everyday lifestyle. With this move, Kawasaki updates its image yet remains true to one of its traditional values: "Quality is more than a quest. It is our motivation."

The Company



Guided by its vision, KMPC shall commit itself to produce and deliver only value-added products and services realized. The employees of KMPC shall commit themselves to the philosophy of Compliance, Profit, and Relationship (CPR) by contributing to the Company’s effort to:

develop a professional organization;

strictly adhere to sound management practices, ethical standards, good governance and social responsibility;

explore and use the latest technology in manufacturing and supply chain;

introduce exciting and unique products and excellent services on time ; and

implement aggressive and strategic marketing plans and programs.



We envision KMPC to be a community of highly inspired people working together to create value-added products and services and to be the best brand in Asia beneficial to all stakeholders.



KMPC’s corporate values are based upon the foundation of teamwork, leadership, integrity and quality-consciousness.

By these values, KMPC aspires to provide the highest quality products and services characterized by creativity, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability which are expected to direct long-term business results such as, growth orientation in our people, profitability of our business, customer delight and brand loyalty by our customers.

Ultimately, these values shall be consistently promoted, practiced and achieved over time to support a four-fold legacy of STABILITY, CREDIBILITY, DOMINANCE and PRIDE.